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Worksite Obesity is a Major Cost to Organizations

//Worksite Obesity is a Major Cost to Organizations

Worksite Obesity is a Major Cost to Organizations

Worksite Obesity: The Facts

Worksite obesity has become one of the fastest growing health care problems
in America. It is well known that America is considered one of the, if not “the”,
heaviest countries in the world. This is largely in part due to fast food, un-healthy
snacks and a very sedentary lifestyle. However, what many people are not aware
of is that the rate of obesity in our country has doubled in the last 30 years
and this weighs heavily on a company’s bottom line.

According to a new report from The Conference Board, Weights and Measures:
What corporations Should Know about Obesity, obese workers cost private organizations
an estimated $45 billion annually. Here are some of the report’s findings:

Obesity is associated with a 36% increase in spending on health care, more
than smoking or problem drinking.
34% of adult Americans fit the definition of “obese”
Obesity related health problems are costing United States businesses millions
of dollars annually in medical expenditures and work loss.

Worksite Obesity: How organizations Can Help

With the increase in obesity and corporation costs associated with it, it is
more and more imperative to create a way to assist workers with their healthy
living choices. Employee Wellness Programs can help organizations help their
workers. By providing assistance with Health Screening and Biometric Testing,
Health risk assessments and by conducting Employee Wellness Plan surveys; Employee
Wellness Programs allow the corporation non-invasive ways to communicate their
concerns about their staff member’s health.

We suggest establishing a Walking Employee Wellness Plan to assist your workers
in meeting their weight-loss goals. Walking Wellness is a program designed to
get your workers away from their desk and get them outside for a little exercise.
Keep it fun by having contests, setting up weight-loss teams and having organized
healthy picnics.

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