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We offer a full array of online, technology tools and services. Utilizing the industry leading Health Manager Technology Suite™ we are able to provide our customers with a secure and customizable solution to meet their specific needs. Our technology platform is engineered to easily connect and track information, people and systems across a FrameNET™ platform. Although each component of the platform is designed to work independently, the unique engineering design provides a custom, seamless integration for all your website technology needs.

Our technology solutions simplify your job and include:

  • Wellness Program Site Manager™ – Build web portals with modular functionality
  • Wellness Program Link Manager™ – Organize and manager your content
  • Wellness Company Manager™ – Manage your client accounts
  • Wellness Program Case Manager™ – The tools you need to interact with and maintain your clients
  • Health Risk Assessments Manager™ – Manage and / or create your assessments
  • Wellness Program Report Manager™ – Provides Extensive data output options and functionality

Wellness Program Site Manager™

Site ManagerThe Wellness Program Site Manager™ allows you to build your site with modular functionality.

  • No coding experience necessary
  • Create portals for each project
  • Display alternate content types
  • Numerous functionality modules
  • Apply skins and container templates
  • Upload files
  • Create user / administrator logins

Wellness Program Link Manager™

Wellness Program Link ManagerThe Wellness Program Link Manager™ allows function and control to be applied to portals.

  • All content is indexed and searchable
  • Manage content types and delivery methods
  • Categorize and keyword content
  • Show relational content links
  • Add your own custom content
  • 3rd party content is loadable and searchable
  • Build client-specific links for content
  • Exception out content links by client

Wellness Company Manager™

Wellness Company ManagerThe Wellness Company Manager™ allows for the administration of companies and their users on all portals.

  • Install and remove clients
  • Manage company access to content
  • Apply custom templates to client sites
  • Allow custom logos and other fields
  • Apply custom URLs to client site
  • Create subscription based content

Wellness Program Case Manager™

Wellness Program Case ManagerThe Wellness Program Case Manager™ platform simplifies communication and tracking of all appointments and correspondence with your entire client-base.

  • Specifically designed for counselors, coaches, trainers and educators
  • Private, password protected and secure
  • User-friendly and available 24/7 from any Internet connection
  • Manages communication via Instant Messaging, Email and Telephone

When combined with our extensive database of medical and health-related article, information and assessments, counselor and therapists are able to push relative information to their clients, without researching the information on their own.

Health Risk Assessments Manager™

Health Risk Assessments ManagerThe Health Risk Assessments Manager™ is a comprehensive tool which easily allows you to build your own Assessments and Surveys.

  • Create a library of questions and responses for use in your assessments
  • Create complex branching logic
  • Add values and weights to answers for complex outcome calculations
  • Output results and recommendations to the user upon completion for later viewing
  • Long assessments can be saved and completed at a later time

Wellness Program Report Manager™

Wellness Program Report ManagerThe Wellness Program Report Manager™ allows you to quickly and easily output data from Assessments and surveys in a variety of formats.

  • Get aggregate results across all for your client accounts
  • Export results for a specific client only
  • Filter for demographic information
  • Run reports on Aggregate Results, Aggregate Answers and Completed Assessments
  • Export reports in PDF, RTF, TXT and XLS formats

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