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Wellness Fairs

//Wellness Fairs

Wellness Fairs

Wellness Fair activities put the spotlight on Employee Wellness Programs

A Wellness Fair is a brilliant way to shake your employees out of the doldrums
and into better awareness of their health and wellness. A Wellness Fair brings
your organization together to discuss Employee Wellness Programs, examine Health
Insurance and “cafeteria” plans, explore health savings accounts,
publicize Employee Wellness Plan Programs and share success stories and challenges.

Some common Wellness Fair desired outcomes include:

  • Better awareness of the health services and resources available to workers,
    both from their corporation and from local, state, regional and national health
  • increased motivation for improving health behavior
  • increased participation in employee wellness programs, commuter and carshare
    programs and health savings accounts
  • better awareness of person health status through health screening and biometric
    testings, wellness fair activities, displays, handouts, and demonstrations,
  • better information on what workers are seeking from their corporation’s
    health management initiatives, and which workers are interested in participating.

Planning a Wellness Fair

Planning a Wellness Fair is a lot like starting an Employee Wellness Plan on
a smaller scale. Just like an Employee Wellness Program, your Wellness Fair
will need publicity, logistical planning, programming, targeted goals, in-house
marketing and of course, executive approval. Festive touches like free food,
kid-friendly activities, live music, art displays, talent shows and other community-minded
fun will help cement the appeal of your Wellness Fair and ensure that the Wellness
Fair becomes a welcomed, annual event.

You can find some Wellness Fair planning tips at the Family and Consumer Sciences
site of Texas A&M University. These Wellness Fair tips are aimed more at
community and non-profit organizers, but you can discover many useful Wellness
Fair ideas at the site.

Wellness Fairs and Employee Wellness Plan Recruitment

Many Employee Wellness Plan planners find that Wellness Fairs are the primary
reason why workers sign up for walking Employee Wellness Programs, health savings
accounts and other pro-Employee Wellness Programs.

Don’t forget – not only do workers value these programs highly, but the
increased energy and decreased sick leave associated with Employee Wellness
Programs also saves your business money. The Employee Wellness Plan Statistics
are clear – healthier businesses work harder and pay less in Health Insurance

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