Wellness Challenges Encourage Employee Wellness Plan Participation

//Wellness Challenges Encourage Employee Wellness Plan Participation

Wellness Challenges Encourage Employee Wellness Plan Participation

Wellness Challenges Are Popping Up Everywhere

Wellness Challenges are definitely hot right now and they are encouraging more
and more people to get healthy and live better. Whether it is a city or a school
or a social group or even a whole state, competitive spirits are being ignited
by the challenge to be the healthiest team. The Wellness Challenges are usually
about a six months to a year in length and they are made up of several teams,
these teams all get points for physical activity, selecting healthy foods, and
just making better life and health choices overall.

The best part about Wellness Challenges is even though there really is only
way “real” winner; everyone that participates in the challenge is
a life winner.

Wellness Challenges offers reward to Get Healthy

Establishing a Wellness Challenges in your office is a great way to get workers
to participate in your established Employee Wellness Program. Have workers form
teams and receive points for everything from attending a business Wellness Fair
to getting a health risk assessment to starting an exercise regimen. At the
end of the year, the teams will win prizes based on the number of points they
have accumulated.

Wellness Challenges Improve Corporate Health

Not only will Wellness Challenges improve the health of your workers, it will
improve the overall health of the corporation by providing benefits such as
reduced injuries, reduced frequency of worker’s comp, reduced health care
costs, better staff member attendance, and better business morale.

Like we said earlier, everyone is a winner in a Wellness Challenges!

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