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Walking Employee Wellness Programs

//Walking Employee Wellness Programs

Walking Employee Wellness Programs

Walking Employee Wellness Programs are some of the most popular Employee Wellness
Programs. They set the bar for entry fairly low – most anyone can walk around
the block or their building – and walking Employee Wellness Programs also offers
workers with a good way to break up the afternoon doldrums and interact in a
casual, more social environment with other workers. Just leaving your desk for
a few minutes every day for a walk can be a big stress reliever – and stress
is the second leading cause of absenteeism, according to Employee Wellness Plan

As a first step to starting your Employee Wellness Program, we recommend that
you have a designer draw up an attractive map of your business campus or vicinity.
Plan out and test a few short walks of varying distances, and using a pedometer
and watch, figure out how long each walk is in time and distance. Have a little
fun with your walking Employee Wellness Plan by equating each walk with a common
office activity of the same duration, like a writing a one-page status report
or filling out a common form. Post the map in the workplace and make sure people
know about walking Employee Wellness Programs by using your office communication
channels – newsletters, announcements, business meetings. Keep it fun by building
weight-loss teams, setting up races or organizing healthy picnics and athletic
activities around the walking Employee Wellness Programs route.

Here are some other walking Employee Wellness Programs tips from Tom Weede,
author of The Entrepreneur Diet: The On-the-Go Plan for Fitness, Weight Loss,
and Healthy Living:

  • Make sure to link the walking Employee Wellness Plan to work objectives.
    Employees need to be reassured that these walks are part of their responsibility
    to be healthy and productive. They’re not personal errands that need to be
    compensated for by longer days at the office.
  • Keep healthy snacks in the workplace.
  • Reinforce the walking Employee Wellness Plan message by regularly mentioning
    it during staff member meetings
  • Set up a health-related benefit that walking Employee Wellness Programs
    participants can use for health-related expenses.
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