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Summer Wellness

//Summer Wellness

Summer Wellness

Wellness During the Summer

Wellness is important year-round; however if your workers haven’t gotten
on the Wellness bandwagon, then now is the perfect time to get them there.

Summer is an ideal time of year to get back into shape and improve overall
Wellness. The weather is beautiful, workers can get outside and they are motivated
by the thought of having to wear clothes with less coverage. Fitness, or lack
of fitness, is apparent in the summer.

Wellness in the Summer has Advantages

There are many advantages to starting a Employee Wellness Plan in the Summer.
Employees are more likely to get outside and walk or participate in group activities
during the summer than they are in the cooler months of the fall and winter.
The summer months are also a great time to start a Wellness challenge with your
workers and celebrate the completion of the challenge with a participant picnic
or cookout. Finally, it always seems easier to eat healthy during the summer
with all the fresh vegetables and fruits that are available during this time.

Employee Wellness Plan Kick-off

We recommend following these steps when starting a Employee Wellness Plan in
your office.

  • Pick a wellness coordinator for the Employee Wellness Plan who is willing
    and able to see it through.
  • Make sure that you have the support of business leadership.
  • Create a Wellness committee
  • Use a Employee Wellness Plan survey to uncover the obstacles and goals of
    your Employee Wellness Plan
  • Provide Health risk assessments
  • Analyze the Employee Wellness Plan and changes as needed
  • Do not forget to stress that the Employee Wellness Plan is for the workers.
    Employee Wellness Programs have been found to prevent obesity, cancer, heart
    disease and hypertension. Taking part in in a Employee Wellness Plan that
    offers all that should be an easy decision for the corporation and for the
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