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Strategic Employee Wellness Plan planning

//Strategic Employee Wellness Plan planning

Strategic Employee Wellness Plan planning

Take the time to plan Employee Wellness Programs before they are implemented.

Strategic planning enables better use of all your resources. Include all the
steps below when you plan a Wellness activity.

  • Do your homework – Locate the science and research that support your interventions.
    Look for similar Employee Wellness Programs that already exist.
  • Determine the specific health need(s) – Use these needs to target interventions
    to problems that are an issue for your population.
  • Organize a team – A team is a resource multiplier. Network and build as
    many partnerships as you can.
  • Make a plan, but don’t start completely from scratch. Create a written
    plan for your Employee Wellness Program. Look for every opportunity to take
    advantage of resources that already exist. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Select a focus – Choose one or two main target areas for Employee Wellness
    Programs. Address all five stages of change in the target areas rather than
    trying to hit every possible Wellness topic.
  • Determine your resources – What assets do you have? What assets will you
    need? How can you fill the gaps?
  • Get Senior Management support – Think like Senior Management. Communicate
    the value of Wellness from Senior Management’s perspective.
  • Start the activity- Be flexible. Be prepared for unexpected challenges.
  • Market the activity – Keep your Employee Wellness Plan visible for Senior
    Management, line and medical personnel, Employee Wellness Plan members, and
    potential partners and volunteers.
  • Collect and analyze outcomes – Outcomes indicate Employee Wellness Plan
    impact. Start with just a few outcomes – you don’t have to collect
    everything. Remember that it’s never too late to start measuring Employee
    Wellness Plan impact.
  • Evaluate, improve and re-evaluate – Use participant feedback and Employee
    Wellness Plan outcomes to determine Employee Wellness Plan impact. Establish
    areas in need of improvement. Use outcomes to determine if expended resources
    were worth the results.
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