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Setting Employee Wellness Plan Priorities

//Setting Employee Wellness Plan Priorities

Setting Employee Wellness Plan Priorities

Most organizations do not have the Employee Wellness Plan resources to address
all of their health needs at once. Priorities must be set to determine the most
pressing health needs. Use the steps below to prioritize company Wellness needs.

Assess the health needs of the population.

  • Collect data about the health needs in the community. How?
  • Community- or target group-specific surveys

Establish health needs and at-risk populations.

Use the data to establish leading health needs and also high risk populations.
By way of example:

  • Obesity and overweight
  • Injury prevention
  • Self care
  • Reduce the list.

Not every health need can (or should) be addressed. Use the following
questions to determine which health needs should be addressed first.

  • How does the health need impact operational readiness? How big is the impact?
  • What are the Senior Management priorities? How does the health need fit
    into those priorities?
  • What are the behavioral factors affecting the health need? What is the evidence
    that a behavior change will make a difference?
  • Has the behavior been successfully changed by other Employee Wellness Programs?
  • What other social, physical, or environmental factors influence the health
    need or the target population?
  • Is the health need a greater problem at the local level than in the U.S.
    population as a whole?
  • Does the corporation have the subject matter expertise and resources to
    address the health need?

Develop Employee Wellness Plan recommendations.

Only a handful of specific health needs should be focused on in a given year.
Keep the following in mind as recommendations are developed as to which specific
health needs will be addressed:

  • Avoid duplication of other ongoing Employee Wellness Programs whenever possible.
    Establish Employee Wellness Programs already addressing the health need and/or
    the target population.
  • Establish and assess available resources. Build on existing services whenever

Use the recommendations to offer tailored, targeted, integrated interventions
to address the prioritized list of health needs. Prioritizing health needs will
keep Employee Wellness Programs focused, maximize efficient use of resources,
and align Wellness efforts with Senior Management goals and priorities.


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