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Proven Employee Wellness Plan Strategies – Part 2

//Proven Employee Wellness Plan Strategies – Part 2

Proven Employee Wellness Plan Strategies – Part 2

Evaluation of successful Employee Wellness Programs has revealed several key Employee Wellness Plan strategies to increase Employee Wellness Plan effectiveness and impact overall Soldier health.

Strategy #5: Using a small number of targeted priorities maintains
Employee Wellness Plan focus.

  • Needs assessment data can be used to establish leading health needs and
    also high risk populations.
  • Choosing a handful of specific health needs on which to focus will maximize
    efficient use of resources.
  • Keeping the Employee Wellness Plan focus small will avoid duplication of
    other ongoing company Employee Wellness Programs.

Strategy #6: Use standardized processes whenever possible.

  • Reduce the amount of variation within your Employee Wellness Programs by
    standardizing all the processes needed for Employee Wellness Plan planning
    and startation. By way of example:
  • Use the same spreadsheet format for data collection so that the columns
    are in the same order. This way you can compare data more easily.
  • Reuse the same forms for enrollment and attendance. Change the heading as
  • Look at other Employee Wellness Plan processes (like registration, evaluation,
    marketing, etc.). What parts of those processes can be standardized?
  • The Wellness and Prevention Initiatives website (http://chppmwww.
    has many standardized Employee Wellness Plan resources in a variety of topic

Strategy #7: Employee Wellness Plan delivery methods should be flexible
and adapted to population needs.

  • Delivery of products and services may depend on: company needs, training
    requirements, other scheduling considerations (such as work/duty schedules,
    school scheduling, etc.), participant preference, and/or availability of staff
    or space.
  • Be flexible: the same produce/service delivery methods may not work for
    every population.
  • Some company’s may want services provided to them as close as possible to
    the company location; other companies may prefer as many services as possible
    bundled together at once (regardless of location).
  • Take wellness and preventive medicine beyond the walls of the corporation
    in order to meet leadership and staff member needs. Answer the question: “How
    can we best help leadership and Employees to fulfill their mission?”
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