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Proven Employee Wellness Plan Strategies – Part 1

//Proven Employee Wellness Plan Strategies – Part 1

Proven Employee Wellness Plan Strategies – Part 1

Evaluation of successful Employee Wellness Programs has revealed several key Employee Wellness Plan strategies to increase Employee Wellness Plan effectiveness and impact overall Soldier health.

Strategy #1: Communication with leadership is essential

  • Assess leadership priorities.
  • Report Employee Wellness Plan outcomes back to leadership in a timely manner.

Strategy #2: Employee Wellness Plan planning must be driven by data.

  • Determine specific needs of the target population.
  • Focus on the health status of the population as a whole to establish the
    top health concerns.
  • Data should drive decisions regarding which health needs should be addressed

Strategy #3: Use electronic data collection and reporting as often
as possible

  • Centrally collected data in an electronic format is essential for determining
    population health needs.
  • Electronic reporting is also very valuable when communicating Employee Wellness
    Plan outcomes to leadership and other stakeholders.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities allow data to be presented as information
    that can support decision-making, in formats that decision-makers prefer.

Strategy #4: Multidisciplinary collaboration enhances staff member
health and maximizes available resources.

  • Collaboration between health disciplines increases effectiveness of Wellness
    and preventive medicine interventions.
  • Don’t forget to look outside the corporation for collaboration partners.
  • Optimized Employee Wellness Plan outcomes can be reached by coordinating
    the activities of medical consultants, cadre, community agents, and funding
  • Bundling services together also provides the additional benefit to units
    by conserving training and mission time.
  • Implementing these strategies can improve Employee Wellness Plan effectiveness
    and optimize available resources.
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