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Paving the way for corporation process change

//Paving the way for corporation process change

Paving the way for corporation process change

Corporation processes are structured activities that achieve a specific result.
By way of example, scheduling appointments is a corporation process that results
in an orderly work flow and timely patient care.

Employee Wellness Plan implementation often requires changes to established
corporation processes. These changes may be simple, such as adding prescreening
appointments to the scheduling process, or more complicated, like determining
how time devoted to a particular Employee Wellness Plan will be coded.

Not all change can be affected painlessly. However, developing a plan for achieving
change will overcome obstacles like:

“But we’ve always done it that way” or “But we’ve
never done it that way.”

Each change situation will be different. The path to achieving change may not
always be straightforward.

Lesson learned: Making small, incremental changes will be easier than trying
to make one big change. It is also easier to modify a current process than to
introduce a brand new one.

Develop a road map for change.

Describe the current corporation process.

  • By way of example: what is the current registration process for the weight
    management program? Include steps for both members and staff.

Establish where the new or modified corporation process could fit into
the current process.

  • By way of example, prescreening appointments for the weight management
    program could be scheduled when members sign up OR the prescreening could
    be done at the first class.


  • Consider the change process to be a team effort. Determine everyone who
    will be affected by the change and get their input.
  • By way of example, be sure to ask the personnel that set up the prescreening
    appointments AND the personnel that would do the prescreening for their ideas.
  • Recruit one or more champions for the change. It helps if the champion has
    some clout.
  • Get buy-in from as many employees as you can – including those that
    might be most resistant to the change.


  • Don’t keep the change a secret. The more employees know, the more
    likely they will support a change.
  • Anticipate obstacles ahead of time. Be ready to articulate concrete benefits
    that will result from the change – especially advantages such as costs
    avoided or training time conserved.
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