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Managing Employee Wellness Plan resources

//Managing Employee Wellness Plan resources

Managing Employee Wellness Plan resources

To effectively manage your Employee Wellness Plan resources, first determine
the resources you need and the resources you have. Then develop a plan to fill
the resource gaps.

What Employee Wellness Plan resources do you need?

  • Create a list of employees, materials, equipment, space, and logistical
  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Include partnerships that will be needed to make the Employee Wellness Plan

Establish available Employee Wellness Plan resources.

  • Use materials that exist or are already on hand. Resist the temptation to
    start from scratch!
  • Find out what other departments already have.
  • Know where to borrow or get free materials.
  • Use local or internal resources whenever possible.
  • Look for opportunities to cut and/or share costs.

Develop a strategy to fill Employee Wellness Plan resource gaps.

  • Partner with as many employees and organizations as you can. Stress what’s
    in it for them.
  • Example: use a Physical Therapist to teach a back health class.
  • Make use of community organizations and coalitions.
  • Use volunteers as often as possible.
  • Red Cross volunteers, medical interns or nursing students can supplement
    your manpower.

Former Employee Wellness Plan members make good guest speakers.

  • Keep a list of subject matter experts who will provide input for free so
    you can avoid the expense of an outside contractor or consultant.

Look for innovative Employee Wellness Plan opportunities.

  • Other funding opportunities may exist at your facility.
  • Example: if there is a book fair, see if you can apply to receive some of
    the proceeds.
  • Ask the unit to contribute resources to Employee Wellness Programs directly
    implemented at the unit level.
  • Get to know the contracting person at your company. They often know the
    least expensive places to obtain many different types of materials.
  • Look for “recycling” possibilities.
  • Example: You may be able to give you old computer workstations for use with
    electronic health assessments.

Good communication will help you find more partners and volunteers.

  • Get the word out to the community about your Employee Wellness Programs.
  • Describe what you are doing and how you are doing it.
  • Presentation is everything. Keep information current and use lots of visual

All Employee Wellness Programs require resources. Some resources you will already
have. Some resources you will have to find. Sometimes you will have to make
something out of very little. Smart strategies can maximize your Wellness resources.

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