New Nike NFL Jerseys Keys to Effective Employee Wellness Programs | Corporate Wellness Programs | Employee Wellness Program Proposals

Keys to Effective Employee Wellness Programs

//Keys to Effective Employee Wellness Programs

Keys to Effective Employee Wellness Programs

Collaboration and Effective Employee Wellness Programs

Why should you collaborate?

Active, ongoing partnerships and cooperative efforts multiply Employee Wellness
Plan resources in order to better serve Employees and their families.

How can you build collaboration into a Employee Wellness Program?

Get Ready…

  • Brainstorm a list of every potential Wellness partner you can think of.
    Be innovative!
  • Be a politician: introduce yourself to everyone BEFORE you need their help.
  • Develop a plan to get Senior Management support from as high up the chain
    as possible. Ensure that to include specific ways that your Employee Wellness
    Plan will impact force readiness.
  • Determine how YOU can help your organizations (not just what they can do
    for you).

Be Steady…

  • Solicit input from everyone that your Employee Wellness Plan will affect.
    Make a special effort to talk to the employees closest to Employee Wellness
    Plan implementation (those with “boots on the ground”).
  • Your most frequently asked questions should be: “What would you suggest?”
    and “How do you think this would work best?”
  • Locate someone who has done the same type of Employee Wellness Plan before
    and ask their advice. (Hint: the Employee Wellness Plan has a list of many
    Wellness POCs.)

Plan NOW to show Employee Wellness Plan effectiveness. Establish who may ALREADY
BE COLLECTING information that will show the Employee Wellness Plan is working.

Get Set…

  • Step back and review your Employee Wellness Plan from a potential partner’s
    point of view.
  • Brainstorm questions your collaborators might have, and have the answers
  • Be ready to frame your “selling points” in terms that are important
    to each specific partner.
  • Put the Employee Wellness Plan benefits in language your collaborators will

Stress to potential partners how this Employee Wellness Plan will provide benefit
to them.

And Go…

  • Build as many partnerships as you can BEFORE you start a Employee Wellness
  • Make your partnerships a two-way street: always let your collaborators know
    what you can do for them – then follow-up and do what you say you would
  • Maintain Senior Management support by providing a regular flow of information.
    Invite Senior Management participation in the Employee Wellness Plan and special
    events whenever possible. (Hint: they make great judges if you have a contest.)
  • Offer regular feedback to your collaborators.
  • Don’t hog the spotlight: let your collaborators share in the visibility
    of the Employee Wellness Program.
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