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Lifestyle Change & Behavior Modification Programs

At Infinite Wellness Solutions we offer a series of interactive, online, cognitive-based learning programs that explore the causes of an individuals unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and then train them to permanently change those behaviors. The programs are delivered via the Internet as a series of engaging and entertaining lectures and interactive assignments.

Below is a sampling of our interactive online programs:

  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Weight Loss & Weight Control
  • Stress Management / Resiliency Training
  • Alcohol Control
  • Fitness Programming

Tobacco Cessation

Living Free - Tobacco Cessation Program
The Living Free™ program has the highest documented success rate in the country, in part, because it treats the physical and emotional root causes of tobacco use and eliminates the psychological barriers that have kept people from succeeding initially and long term in the past. The method, called structural cognitive training, dissolves the emotional desire for tobacco and allows people to make rational, rather than emotional, decisions about tobacco.

Living Free™ is a 3-week program that is delivered entirely via the Internet. Participants are taught the principles of the program with engaging multimedia movies and highly interactive feedback. Participants learn how to become ex-tobacco users, without feeling deprived, without missing tobacco and without feeling irritable.

Weight Loss & Weight Control

Living Lean - Weight Loss ProgramThe Living Lean™ program is a research based life sciences process that teaches participants to gain instant control over cravings, stop binging and make rational, rather than emotional, decisions about food. No will power is necessary. Just a desire to end the struggle of dieting, regaining, dieting, regaining, dieting and regaining.

Living Lean™ is an 8-week online workshop series that includes a book, animated interactive audio presentations, custom emails and teaches participants to break their emotional connections to food and overeating, while also losing 15 – 50 pounds or more, once and for all.

Stress Management / Resiliency Training

Living Easy - Stress Management Program and Resiliency TrainingYou have heard before that its not the events in life that cause our happiness but rather the way that we respond to the events that take place. While other programs and products generally provide short-term, band-aid solutions, Living Easy™ treats the root emotional causes of the drama, trauma, and distress you may experience. This method, called structural cognitive training, teaches you how to experience the disruptions that overwhelm us emotionally into events that help us thrive and become more powerful individuals.

The Living Easy™ program consists of four online classes which are presented in an audio/visual workshop format utilizing Flash animation, quizzes and a printable Online Manual which reinforces the critical concepts of the program. Each Class is 30 – 60 minutes in length.

The program also includes a personal Home Page which links participants to their Living Easy™ Program Sessions, Bulletin Board, Newsletter, Real Talk Radio Shows, Calendar, Power Tips and other useful program components.

Alcohol Control

Living Smart Alcohol Treatment ProgramThe Living Smart™ program treats the root emotional causes of addictive behavior. The method, called structural cognitive training, teaches and helps participants practice how to make rational rather than emotional decisions about drinking.

Living Smart™ is a 3-week program delivered entirely via the Internet. Participants are taught the principles of the program with engaging multimedia movies and highly interactive feedback and learn to become an ex-drinkers, without feeling deprived, without missing your alcohol and without feeling irritable.

Fitness Programming

The GetFit™ System (GFS) is a virtual personal trainer which provides people of all fitness abilities with an easy-to-use, truly personalized, interactive fitness solution bringing expert knowledge and guidance to people wherever in the world they wish to get fit. The GFS is the most innovative web-based solution for the generation and management of personalized fitness and wellness programs.

The GFS is built upon a sophisticated expert system that is capable of processing limitless information – including fitness goals, ability level, schedule constraints, and equipment access – to build an individually customized fitness program for each user.

The GFS platform motivates users to start and continue a fitness program by rewarding them with extensive feedback in the form of rich graphs, Charts, and performance analysis. The system is not only “high-tech” but is also “high-touch,” building user loyalty through a truly personal experience that progresses along with users and integrates into their daily lives through a fitness planner.

Delivering these solutions via the Internet through the provision of Internet-based health, fitness and wellness solutions makes them accessible to all. The power of today’s technology coupled with human support services where appropriate; deliver unsurpassed results in making people fitter, healthier and more productive.

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