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Innovative Employee Wellness Plan marketing

//Innovative Employee Wellness Plan marketing

Innovative Employee Wellness Plan marketing

Why bother to market your Employee Wellness Programs?

Because of the transient nature of the many staff member populations, you must
market your Employee Wellness Programs all the time. Your goal should be to
keep your Employee Wellness Programs as visible as possible.

Innovative marketing can increase awareness of your Employee Wellness Plan

  • Potential Employee Wellness Plan members
  • Senior Management
  • Line and medical personnel
  • Potential partners and volunteers

Innovative Employee Wellness Plan marketing ideas

  • Involve Senior Management in your marketing Employee Wellness Plan as often
    as possible.
  • By way of example: invite Senior Management to judge a Employee Wellness
    Plan logo contest.
  • Link your Employee Wellness Programs to national advertising campaigns
  • …like the Great American Smokeout and the Dairy Council’s Milk
    Mustache campaign.
  • Collaborate closely with personnel in the business office.
  • Submit articles about your Employee Wellness Programs that coincide with
    National Health Observances. By way of example: highlight your Asthma Program
    in May, which is National Asthma Awareness Month.
  • Let the business office know you can always provide an article to them
    when they run short on material. (Then make sure you always follow through.)
  • Word of mouth is the most effective advertising for your Employee Wellness
  • Use real employees in your advertising: enlist the help of successful Employee
    Wellness Plan members or use Employees and other post personnel for your marketing
    materials, when possible.
  • Create “buzz” by incorporating an element of competition: which
    ‘team’ had the most steps over the past week? Which department
    engaged most frequently in physical activity?
  • Make use of technology
  • Use post television and radio resources.
  • Use email whenever you can.
  • Don’t simply market your Employee Wellness Plan to potential members,
    but market the opportunities for others to be involved, as well.
  • By way of example: does the Red Cross know you can always use a volunteer?
    Do other departments/clinics know that you can always use personnel with some
    temporary down time?
  • Don’t be “old news”
  • If you put advertising materials up, be sure to take them down in a timely
  • Update marketing logos and themes as appropriate.
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