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How to Write Employee Wellness Plan Goals and Objectives

//How to Write Employee Wellness Plan Goals and Objectives

How to Write Employee Wellness Plan Goals and Objectives

Why have Employee Wellness Plan objectives?

Employee Wellness Plan objectives take your organization’s priorities for employee health improvement and make them specific and measurable. Well-defined Employee Wellness Plan objectives provide direction for determining Strategies and a basis for which to measure progress.

Writing Employee Wellness Plan objectives

Writing Employee Wellness Plan objectives is not complicated or difficult. It does require some thought, about your organization’s Employee Wellness Plan vision for a culture of wellness and they should be:

  • Specific Employee Wellness Plan Goals
  • Measurable Employee Wellness Plan Goals
  • Attainable Employee Wellness Plan Goals
  • Realistic Employee Wellness Plan Goals
  • Timely Employee Wellness Plan Goals

Specific Employee Wellness Plan Goals: What is the specific outcome your organization is looking for? “Reduce tobacco use among staff members” is more specific than “Improve the health of staff members.” You may wish to write some objectives about specific outcomes (reducing smoking among staff members) and other objectives about specific progress (implementing a tobacco-free campus policy or reducing the price of fresh fruit in the cafeteria to 25 cents a piece).

Measurable Employee Wellness Plan Goals: Making your objectives measurable provides a means of evaluating your progress and success. There is an adage: “what gets measured, gets done.” Goals which are measurable can be powerful motivators for your organization. “Provide more time for staff members to be physically active” is much less measurable than “implement a daily 15-minute walking break into the schedule of all staff members.” “Increase the number of staff members who want to quit smoking” is less measurable than “increase enrollments in the stop-using tobacco program to 120 staff members per year.”

Attainable Employee Wellness Plan Goals: Set objectives that challenge your organization to change and that will demonstrate a real commitment to employee health. At the same time, set objectives that are achievable. Goals that are set too far out of reach can be overwhelming and may become a barrier rather than a motivator.

Realistic Employee Wellness Plan Goals: Write objectives that are do-able, given the skills, time, finances and overall strategy of the organization. A realistic project may push the skills and knowledge of the people working on it but it shouldn’t break them.

Timely Employee Wellness Plan Goals: When do you hope to achieve the goal? Next week? Next year? Without a timeframe, the goal is still vague and is much less likely to galvanize resources and energy within your organization.  Consider the following:

  • “Reduce the percent of staff members who use tobacco from 20% to 10%” is much less of a challenge than
  • “By the end of 2010, reduce the percent of staff members who use tobacco from 20% to 15%”.
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