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Health Risk Assessment

//Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment: Helping Quantify Employee Health help you quantify
staff member health

An Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an important tool to help you isolate the
value of strong Employee Wellness Plan Programs.

Health Risk Assessment: What is it?

Does the term “Health Risk Assessment” have you puzzled? If so, then
you are not alone. Unfortunately there is no standard definition or format for
a Health Risk Assessment. A health risk assessment is both a procedure and a
document, too, depending on the context — you must answer questions and
ideally undergo some simple Employee Health Screening and Biometric Testing
to develop a document that describes what’s good and bad about your current
state of health.

To add confusion to the situation, there’s a field called health risk
management. Talk to an OSHA inspector about health risk assessment and they
will likely assume you’re referring to an analysis of contaminants and
industrial chemicals in a factory or manufacturing facility.

Health Risk Assessment: The Typical Health Risk Assessment

A comprehensive health risk assessment is aimed at producing a concrete baseline
of a person’s health, and includes most of these features:

  • a blood pressure check,
  • cancer testing,
  • blood sugar test, and
  • a thorough analysis of the staff member’s health status.

Health risk assessments would analyze the staff member’s:

  • lifestyle indicators,
  • medical conditions,
  • prescriptions,
  • functional concerns and abilities,
  • overall quality of life,
  • self-efficacy,
  • fitness level.
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