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The Infinite Wellness Solutions network of participating wellness companies includes a long list many of the nation’s leading Health and Wellness Coaching companies available. After consulting with our clients to determine their specific needs we provide wellness proposals from the health and wellness coaching companies that will best fit our client’s preferred method of health and wellness coaching delivery. To elaborate on that point, we offer face to face health coaching and wellness coaching as well as telephonic coaching, email based health and wellness coaching and various combinations of those methods of delivery.

We also take into account the health and wellness coaching styles that will best match the needs our our clients and therefore offer many different behavioral change models and modalities.

At Infinite Wellness Solutions we can create for you a complete custom solution, supplying you with Wellness Coaches and Health Coaches along with our suite of coaching services, to help your members and clients:

  • Decrease preventable illnesses
  • Master life’s challenges
  • Improve overall employee health
  • Control health care costs

One-on-one, personalized support allows employees to permanently change high-risk behaviors that cost companies millions of dollars each year. Employees are less absent and more productive. Parents are happier and have happier, healthier children. Customers stay customers. Executives and managers are able to do more. Lives are improved, missions are accomplished.

Health and Wellness Coaching Programs Tailored to Your Needs:

Diet & Nutrition Coaching – Dieting and keeping up with a consistent exercise program is always more difficult when you have to do it alone. Working with a Diet and Nutrition Coach you will use fun online tools, and a daily journaling and interaction with your Diet and Nutrition coach to keep you committed to your goals of establishing better eating habits, a regular exercise program, resulting in obtaining your optimum weight and health.

Executive Health Coaching – Executive health coaching is used to increase the productivity and effectiveness of highly-compensated individuals. Part of the challenge is helping executives reduce or eliminate health risk factors. Up to now, following executive physical exams and routine health checks, executives were left on their own. Now, executives can work over the internet and/or telephone with their personal coach. This program is tailored to the demands of the executive life and is staffed by seasoned former executives who provide the highest quality executive health coaching available.  Our wellness partners standards related to executive health coach quality and experience.

Fitness Coaching – Using a revolutionary online fitness service, combined with one-to-one coaching, enables personal trainers to interact with members in creating a fitness program that meets their needs and offers direction, education, motivation and support every step of the way.  Your fitness coach will interact with you as frequently as you like and will guide and direct you to a better state of fitness.

Parent Child Coaching – Because children are not born with handbooks on how to raise them, and each one comes with their own unique personalities, we provide you with information, tools and counselors to help you every step of the way. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, our parents and kids too, report happier, healthier communications and interaction between family and friends. Parent child coaching can greatly improve the lives of everyone involved.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Coaching – Substance abuse and addiction are also areas that can be addressed through health and wellness coaching. This is particularly true with tobacco addiction, but can also apply for other forms of substance abuse. For issues requiring more care than can be provide via health coaching a referral to substance abuse counselors is often made. There are many types of programs available. For example, Elevate Rehab features a unique multi-phased holistic approach to help clients reach recovery.

For Wellness Coaches & Health Coaches

Combined with our suite of coaching services, our proprietary Case Manager™ Technology solution can help your Wellness Coaches, Health Coaches and Administrators with the management and interaction of their customer base.

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