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Gold’s Gym Employee Wellness

//Gold’s Gym Employee Wellness

Gold’s Gym Employee Wellness

Employees breathe life and value into your corporation. Within the modern worksite
there are increasing instances of stress, anxiety, obesity, depression, and
heart disease. The modern worksite has become increasingly exercise-free.

Technological advances have lessened the need to “walk” at work.
Moving a mouse has the same level of physical exertion as pressing the buttons
on a remote control. Emails, the fax, and the internet have meant that it is
possible to run a corporation without having to leave the chair. The “advances”
affect physical and mental health in a disastrous manner ultimately affecting
your corporation’s profit.

A sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for disaster – heart disease, chronic back
pain, repetitive stress disorder, and low employee self-esteem are symptomatic
of a work environment in which the only exercise available is surfing the net.
Corporation morale will invariably suffer if an exercise policy is not endorsed
and put in place.

Regular exercise can significantly improve workplace health. Instances of absenteeism
and staff turnover, low staff morale and decreased productivity can be alleviated
with a Employee Wellness Plan that energizes and motivates tired employees.
Boredom, repetitive motion injuries and workplace fatigue can only be combated
with physical and mental stimulation.

Studies show, employees who are physically active on a regular basis record
less sick days each year and are more energetic, dynamic, and industrious. Investing
in the health of your staff pays dividends through increased productivity and
goodwill. Physically active employees are happy employees.

  • Lowering medical insurance and compensation costs through decreased need
    for medical services
  • Improving productivity
  • Lowering rates of absence
  • Improving morale
  • Lowering stress

On top of improving the health of your staff, a comprehensive Employee Wellness
Plan shows your employees you care about their well-being.

Golds Gym Employee Wellness Programs is committed to creating a healthy, active
workforce, providing employers with training incentives for employees at our
state-of-the-art facilities. Golds Gym Employee Wellness also provides training
services and facility design at your office location.

Incorporating all aspects of fitness training (strength, core, cardiovascular,
flexibility), performing comprehensive fitness assessments, designing personalized
fitness initiatives, and dynamic group training initiatives. We take pride in
our talented, professional employees who provide innovative and effective Employee
Wellness Programs for diverse workforces.

Golds Gym Employee Wellness Program’s employees reach beyond the walls of the
excercise center to motivate, educate, and encourage employees to embrace and
maintain healthy active lifestyles. Applying practical experience the Golds
Gym Employee Wellness Plan delivers dynamic cost-effective Employee Wellness
Plan that help employees work happier, harder, and healthier.

To motivate your employees to exercise, eat better, and lose weight, you could
invest heavily in equipment, facilities, and staffing to develop onsite Employee
Wellness Programs for employees, thereby hopefully creating a healthier, more
productive workforce. However, the problem with business excercise facilities
is that employees spend one quarter of their lives at work and typically are
not motivated enough to come in early or stay late to do an exercise program.

Golds Gym Employee Wellness Programs provides attractive discounts for organizations
to train at our professionally coordinated facilities. When your corporation
becomes a member of our Employee Wellness Program, your employees are eligible
for savings off of our regular training rates. No matter what size of corporation
you keep, we have a Employee Wellness Plan to keep it healthy, happy, and working

  • Coca Cola reported saving $500 per staff member every year after starting
    a Employee Wellness Plan with only 60% of their employees taking part.
  • Pacific Bell reported that overall rates of absence decreased after starting
    a Employee Wellness Program.
  • Coors Brewing Company reported that for each dollar spent on their Employee
    Wellness Plan they saw a $5.50 return and the employees who participated decreased
    their absentee rate by 18%.
  • Prudential Insurance Company reported that the benefits costs for employees
    taking part in their program were $312 as opposed to $574 for non-members
    (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, 2004).

To learn more about Gold’s Gym Employee Wellness Programs contact us at (336)

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