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Some things in life really are free!

We’ve scoured the Internet for free worksite wellness programs and wellness resources to assist you in your efforts to promote health and wellness.  All told we’ve found more than 1,000 handouts, brochures, booklets, care guides, tip sheets, sample policies and even these complete worksite wellness programs. All we ask is that you contribute any free worksite wellness programs that you may find or create so that we can add them to the list.  With your help we can make this the best free worksite wellness programs resource online!

The worksite wellness programs and wellness toolkits in this section address overall worksite wellness program design and planning for health promotion programs in the workplace and may contain checklists, step-by-step guides, budgets, and other tools. Before implementing any of these worksite wellness programs or interventions, the toolkits should be selected and evaluated based on the identified needs of your employee population.

Moving into Action: Promoting Heart–Healthy & Stroke–Free Communities* – Moving into Action for Employers is a series of action items designed to help employers create worksite wellness programs and promote heart–healthy and stroke–free communities. Each item suggests ways to encourage general interest and awareness of these health issues to specific policies that promote healthy behaviors and reduce risks associated with heart disease and stroke.

Building Healthy Texans Worksite Wellness Toolkit* – Created by the Texas Department of State Health Services, this worksite wellness toolkit will help employers develop and improve employee wellness programs.

Good Work! Resource Kit* – The Good Work! Resource Kit was developed to help worksites interested in developing low-cost ways to support employee health and productivity by providing successful techniques used by Maine businesses.  You’ll find some excellent tools for wellness in the worksite wellness programs described here.

Healthy Arkansas Guide to Worksite Wellness* – This resource guide by the Arkansas Department of Health provides information on a simple step-by-step planning process for establishing a worksite wellness program.

Healthy Arkansas Worksite Wellness Toolkit* – This worksite wellness toolkit, developed by the Arkansas Department of Health, is a supplement to the Healthy Arkansas Guide to Worksite Wellness Programs and provides assessment, marketing, and evaluation tools for a general worksite wellness program as well as topic-specific interventions.

Wellness at Work Program* – This resource, developed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, provides information for starting worksite wellness programs, locating resources and funding, and making environmental and policy changes in the worksite.

Strides to a Healthier Worksite – Wellness Challenge Toolkit* – Part of the Healthy South Dakota program.  This worksite wellness programs resource was developed to assist you with organizing your very own challenge to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. The tool kit includes an overview of a wellness challenge and a step by step guide to setting up the wellness challenge whether it is a steps, minute or 5 A Day challenge. Included in the tool kits are a variety of supplemental materials including registration forms, calendars, advertisements and sample challenge resources.

Worksite Resource Kit* – This Worksite Resource Kit was designed by the Colorado Physical Activity and Nutrition Program for all work sites to gain resources and program ideas to start or further work site wellness initiatives.  Here you will find excellent free worksite wellness programs and more.

Worksite Wellness – Assessment and Planning Guide* – This self assessment and planning guide developed by the Texas Department of State Health Services helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of your worksite’s wellness and health promotion policies and programs, and helps you to develop an action plan to implement a worksite wellness program or improve an existing program.

Healthy Workforce 2010: An Essential Health Promotion Sourcebook for Employers, Large and Small* – Uses the objectives of Healthy Workforce 2010 to explain how and why a company should be involved in health promotion for its employees.

*Links to other organizations are provided solely as a service to our users. Links do not constitute an endorsement of any organization and none should be inferred. Infinite Wellness Solutions is not responsible for the content of the individual organization Web pages found at this link.

Additionally, Infinite Wellness Solutions is in no way responsible or liable for guaranteeing the success of an intervention established as a result of any of these worksite wellness programs or wellness toolkits.

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