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Free Nutrition Handouts #2

/Free Nutrition Handouts #2
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These handout were developed and written by health professionals at UCLA as part of the Student Nutrition Awareness Campaign. Since most of us could use a little nutrition education we decided to include 85+ of these handouts which cover 30 topics such as weight management, stress reduction, healthy snacking, eating disorders, and more.

Download these ready-to-use handouts as you wish, but please give credit for the handouts to UCLA.

Nutrition Basics – Some Helpful Guides

Shopping Strategies Cooking For College Students
Bone Health

Body Image Guides

Body Image
Eating Disorders
Disordered Eating – Restrictive Eating
Disordered Eating – Emotional Overeating
Disordered Eating – Positive Steps Towards Change
Eating Disorders – Help Yourself
Help a Friend with an Eating Disorder
Eating Issues & Body Image Continuum
Promote a Healthy Campus Culture
The Non-Dieting Approach
Eating Awareness Journal

Weight Management Guides

Weight Management
Bulking Up FAQs
Eating Issues & Body Image Continuum
Effects of Restrictive Dieting & Starvation
Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthy Body Weight
Overcoming College Meal Plan Challenges
Recipe Modification
Weight Gain Strategies
Make the Most of Your Munchies
Eating Awareness Journal

Fitness and Supplements Guides

Physical Activity
NCAA Banned Substances
Muscle Builders
Lifestyle Strategies for Healthy Body Weight
Efficacy & Safety of Popular Supplements
Dietary Supplements
Bulking Up FAQs
Bone Health
Eating for the Big Game
Drink to Your Health


Best Bites Snacking
Blood Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
Blood Pressure
Bone Health
Bulking Up: Commonly Asked Questions
Campus Food Stash: Snacking
Carbohydrate and Whole Grains
Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
Do Diets Work?
Do You Need to Take a Supplement?
Eating Issues and Body Image Continuum
Eating Disorders: How to Help a Friend
Eating Disorders: How to Help Yourself
Effects of Restrictive Dieting
Food Safety
Glycemic Index
Heart Health
Holiday Eating Tips
Lifestyle Strategies for a Healthy Body Weight
Recipe Modification
Reflux: Managing GERD
Restaurant Dining
Sample Eating Plans
Snacks and Midnight Mini Meals
Sugar Cravings
Sugar Substitutes

Miscellaneous Topics 2

From A to Zinc
Alcohol and You
Art of Eating Smart
Be a Protein Pro
Calories Count
Complexities of Carbs
Diets du Jour
Facts of Fiber
Fats of Life
Get Stimulated About Caffeine
Getting Physical
Healthy Eating for the Holidays
Healthy Weight and See Attitude
In Sickness and In Health
No Bones About It
Nutrition in the Fast Lane
Nutrition Myths 101
Pumping the Iron
Read the Label
Shake the Sodium Habit
SNAC Challenge
Stop the Stress
Tips on Dining Out
What Food Additives Add
Win at the Weight Game

Source: UCLA SNAC Program

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