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Employee Wellness Programs – The Good and The Bad

//Employee Wellness Programs – The Good and The Bad

Employee Wellness Programs – The Good and The Bad

Employee Wellness Programs at the business level are beneficial, right? Wellness
statistics clearly show that such Employee Wellness Programs are not only cost-effective
to the organization but can assist the staff member in developing a healthier
lifestyle. With the rising cost of health care, Employee Wellness Programs simply
make sense. So where does the problem come in? Let’s examine the topic from
both perspectives.

Employee Wellness Programs: The Good

  • A sampling of ROI for Employee Wellness Programs: Bank of America: 600 percent;
    General Motors:370 percent; Pepsico: 300 percent; Citibank: 465 percent; and
    the Washoe County School District leading the pack at a whopping 1,560%. (Campbell,J.,
    Wellness Improvement Experts,, Albuquerque,
    New Mexico.)
  • Companies with Employee Wellness Programs have found a 28% reduction in
    sick leave, a 26% reduction in adjunctive health care costs and a 30% reduction
    in disability and workers compensation costs. (Health Affairs, Volume 21,
    No.2, March, 2002.)
  • The Washoe county School District in Northern Nevada found a $15.60 ROI
    for every dollar spent due to a 20% reduction in rates of absence. (Hardy,A.
    (2005). At the Top Of The Class. WELCOA’s Absolute Advantage Magazine, 5(1),
  • Employee Wellness Programs provide the structure, encouragement, incentives
    and ongoing support that many individuals need in order to make lifestyle
  • Employees also realize returns on their efforts. FiServ, a financial services
    technology corporation, gave employees who filled out a health risk assessment
    a significant discount on their medical insurance premium. (Holland, Kelley,
    The New York Times, July 22, 2007.)

Employee Wellness Programs: The Bad

  • The flip side of the argument centers on basic human rights. Do we want/need
    our employer to tell us to eat our veggies or lose 30 pounds? Some organizations
    are doing just that and at least one lawsuit has resulted because of it.
  • Three hundred organizations have requested assistance from a national employment
    and labor law firm to institute more aggressive Employee Wellness Programs.(Cornwell,
    Lisa, Associated Press, Albuquerque Journal, September 10,2007.)
  • Clarian Health, based in Indianapolis, Will start reducing staff member
    paychecks by $10.00 for every staff member who has a Body Mass Index (BMI)
    of greater than 29.9 because not enough employees were utilizing their wellness
    services.(Cornwell, Lisa, Associated Press, Albuquerque Journal, September
  • Scott Rodrigues filed a suit against his prospective employer, Scotts Miracle-Gro,
    because he believed the corporation’s antitobacco use policy violated his
    civil rights. The corporation has a policy against hiring employees who smoke
    and Mr. Rodrigues’drug screen was positive for nicotine.(Holland, Kelley,
    The New York Times,July 22,2007.)
  • staff member advocates are concerned that health discrimination may not
    be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act.(Cornwell, Lisa, Associated
    Press, Albuquerque Journal, September 10,2007.)

Penalizing employees by hitting them where it hurts the most, in their pocketbook,
does not appear to be a a good approach to molding human behavior.

Such tactics may result in increased resentments and retaliation, primarily
in the form of rates of absence and presenteeism (decreased productivity on
the job.) Voluntary, incentive-based initiatives, such as the one in the Washoe
County School District, can and do produce results. A positive attitude on the
part of management along with an opportunity for employees to have a stake in
the decision-making may yield the greatest dividends to both employer and staff
member.The motivation and resolve needed to change unhealthy lifestyle habits
can best be derived from the basic tenets of encouragement, respect and support.

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