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Employee Wellness Programs: Rewards and Incentives

//Employee Wellness Programs: Rewards and Incentives

Employee Wellness Programs: Rewards and Incentives

Employee Wellness Programs – Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee Wellness Programs without employee engagement are useless to a business.
How do you get workers to enroll in Employee Wellness Programs – and stay engaged
in the programs?

The handouts for these programs discuss the benefits to workers and organizations.
Employee Wellness Plan statistics show that there are tangible benefits to a
business for offering such programs. Employee Wellness Programs actually do
save lives by getting workers to take their health seriously, increase productivity,
decrease absenteeism and more.

However, St. Louis, Missouri-based Maritz Inc., the world’s largest incentive
business, has applied their own invigorating twist to health management by providing
gift rewards to workers who participate in Employee Wellness Programs. The wellness
reward program is Maritz’s own Exclusively Yours® plan. Health management
participants earn points, which can be then redeemed for merchandise, electronics,
restaurant vouchers and travel, much like a frequent-flier program.

Enrollment rewards in Employee Wellness Programs?

Undoubtably businesses that don’t work in the rewards industry will be
tempted to cry foul about using such a rich carrot to incentivize health program
enrollments. Not every business can throw that kind of money at health management
resources – and not every business has the built-in savings as a business that
specializes in providing reward programs.

For certain rich rewards like Maritz’s will break through the glaze that
appears over many workers’ eyes when they’re encouraged to do something
new, different or difficult. For many workers uncomfortable with health management
and exercise, “new, different and difficult” would apply to Employee
Wellness Programs. So where does that leave organizations who are unwilling
or unable to offer rewards for health management program enrollment?

Successful Employee Wellness Programs motivate workers – before and after signup

Employee Wellness Plan administrators should keep the long-term view in mind
when trying to get workers to take that vitally important first step. Even the
best rewards can fail in the face of faltering organization, badly-designed
Employee Wellness Programs and wavering support. Make sure to run good Wellness
surveys before you build your Employee Wellness Programs so staff member input
and needs are being met by your Employee Wellness Programs. The goal is positive
outcomes, not high enrollment numbers.

Employee Wellness Programs cannot survive managerial apathy. If executive and
managerial participation is widespread and heartfelt, workers will follow their
leadership. The potential rewards and Wellness benefits are clearly worth reaping,
for both your corporation and your co-workers.

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