Employee Wellness Programs Result in a Healthier Bottom-lines

//Employee Wellness Programs Result in a Healthier Bottom-lines

Employee Wellness Programs Result in a Healthier Bottom-lines

Employee Wellness Programs are an excellent investment, at least according
to Lincoln industries in Nebraska. CNN reported on this 565 employee business
their committed investment in their staff member’s wellness.

Employee Wellness Programs are part of business Culture

The Employee Wellness Programs, according the story, has been in place for
16 years at Lincoln, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The business
has three full-time workers dedicated to the Employee Wellness Plan and the
wellness of the workers, who receive worksite massages and a round of instructor-led
stretching before they start their shifts.

Employee Wellness Programs Assessed

According to CNN, one of the rules of the Employee Wellness Program, which
workers are not required to participate in, is that they receive quarterly checkups
where assessments are completed on their weight, amount of body fat and flexibility.
Based on these health assessments, the workers are then ranked from platinum
all the way down to “non-medal”. To become platinum level, where
you receive a business-paid climbing trip, you must achieve certain fitness
levels and be a non-smoker. Smoking cessation classes are part of the Employee
Wellness Program.

Employee Wellness Programs Result in Big Savings

The Employee Wellness Plan has been a wise investment for Lincoln Industries.
By having healthier workers, they have seen an average of $2 million in savings
in health care costs per year. The savings don’t stop there, since instituting
a Employee Wellness Program, workers’ compensation claims have gone from
$500,000 per year down to less than $10,000 per year.

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