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Employee Wellness Programs: Low-Cost General Health Education Programs

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Employee Wellness Programs: Low-Cost General Health Education Programs

Employee Wellness Programs that support staff members and the setting that they work in have been shown to be a good wellness return on investment (ROI). Employee Wellness Programs can be extensive and sometimes expensive. However, there are ways for small businesses to make positive changes at little or no cost.

Employee Wellness Program: General Health Education Programs

  1. Have a current policy outlining the requirements and functions of a comprehensive workplace Employee Wellness Program.
  2. Have a wellness plan in place that addresses the purpose, nature, duration, resources required, participants in, and expected results of a workplace Employee Wellness Program.
  3. Orient staff members to the Employee Wellness Plan and give them copies of the physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco use policies.
  4. Promote and encourage staff member participation in the physical activity/fitness and nutrition education/weight management program.
  5. Make available health education information to staff members.
  6. Have a committee that meets at least once a month to oversee the Employee Wellness Program.
  7. Make available regular health education presentations on various physical activity, nutrition, and wellness-related topics. Ask voluntary health associations, health care providers, and/or public health agencies to offer workplace education classes.
  8. Host a health fair as a kick-off event or as a celebration for completion of a wellness campaign.
  9. Designate specific areas to support staff members such as diabetics and nursing mothers.
  10. Conduct preventive wellness screenings for blood pressure, body composition, blood cholesterol, and diabetes.
  11. Make available confidential health risk appraisals.
  12. Make available workplace weight management/maintenance programs for staff members.
  13. Add weight management/maintenance, nutrition, and physical activity counseling as a member benefit in medical insurance contracts.

Employee Wellness Program: Tobacco Cessation

  1. Establish a company policy prohibiting tobacco use anywhere on the property.
  2. Make available prompts/posters to support no tobacco use policy.
  3. Policy supporting participation in smoking cessation activities during duty time (flex-time).
  4. Make available counseling through an individual, group, or telephone counseling program onsite.
  5. Make available counseling through a health plan sponsored individual, group, or telephone counseling program.
  6. Make available cessation medications through medical insurance.

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