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Employee Wellness Programs in a Depressed Economy

//Employee Wellness Programs in a Depressed Economy

Employee Wellness Programs in a Depressed Economy

Employee Wellness Programs and Medical Care Costs

Employee Wellness Programs are more important now than ever. According to an
article in the Wall Street Journal, with the troubles in the economy it seems
that the costs of corporation offered health care keep continuing to grow and
it doesn’t seem like it is going to change. The article notes that during
the year 2008, United States organizations can expect to see an increase of
10% in health care costs.

This increase in health care costs is causing some small organizations to reduce
their staff member health benefits or get rid of them altogether.

Employee Wellness Programs for Healthier Lifestyles

Employee Wellness Programs do offer an option for small organizations. The
corporations can offer discounted co-pays and deductibles to those workers that
fully participate in the provided Employee Wellness Program. Full participation
means getting health screens, receiving a health risk assessment, and then working
with their wellness coordinator to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

The healthier the workers, the lower the overall health care costs for the
corporation. Just one lengthy hospital stay can almost deplete a small business’
health care budget.

Employee Wellness Programs and Your Bottom Line

Employee Wellness Programs offer many advantages to a company’s bottom-line.
Employee Wellness Plan Statistics from Prudential Insurance show a benefit expense
of $312 per person enrolled in a Employee Wellness Plan compared to an expense
of $574 per staff member that wasn’t enrolled. Coors Brewing Company showed
a positive side-effect of participant absenteeism dropping by 18%, thus greater
production and less health care costs overall.

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