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Employee Wellness Programs Improve Retention

//Employee Wellness Programs Improve Retention

Employee Wellness Programs Improve Retention

Employee retention is a challenge. Employee Wellness Programs can help. providing
perks such as incentives to exercise, healthy food, stress management and weight
loss programs at work is a way to keep your staff members satisfied.

Attracting new workers are also a challenge, and anything you can do to “stand
out” from other staff members is to your advantage. Remember, salary isn’t
everything. Often, the possibility of flex hours or a discount at the local
gym may be the deciding factor for a future staff member. Once again, Employee
Wellness Programs to the rescue!

How Are Employee Wellness Programs Administered?

Whether running small Employee Wellness Programs in-house or using outside
corporate wellness organizations to oversee the whole thing, program promotion
is vital. You may have a great speaker come in to talk about a very “hot
topic,” but if no one knew about it, it was a waste of the speaker’s
time and your money.

Corporate Employee Wellness Plan setup and promotion go hand and hand. Depending
on the size of your organization, it may be handled by one person or an entire
Employee Wellness team. You may even have an staff member who is interested
in physical fitness and would love to organize some educational wellness seminars
and activities.

Other staff members may have areas of interest and would be willing to set
up some educational programs. Especially for smaller businesses, once you have
chosen your events and activities, it is best to set up a calendar with a schedule
of events. Then publish the entire calendar as well as announcing each individual
event as it comes up.

Access to Employee Wellness Programs

To make access easy, offer a wide range of Employee Wellness Programs and activities
that can fit into everyone’s schedule. For example, some staff members
may find it difficult to get to a presentation at work or make a commitment
for 8 weeks of the Weight Watchers at Work program. However, they will take
advantage of a reduced rate at the gym and will borrow tapes from the health
and wellness library.

If you have shifts, be sure to schedule events for the after 5:00 group. Nothing
will undermine Employee Wellness Programs more quickly than promoting great
activities that are only convenient for first shift staff members.

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