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Employee Wellness Programs: Focus on Stress Reduction

//Employee Wellness Programs: Focus on Stress Reduction

Employee Wellness Programs: Focus on Stress Reduction

Benefits of Stress Reduction Programs

While stress cannot be eliminated from life, or even from the workplace, coping
skills can be developed with relative ease. Stress management skills lead to
decreased rates of absence and more effective, more productive employees. Because
stress has been shown to contribute to such physical conditions as ulcers, high
blood pressure and stroke, stress reduction has a direct impact on improving
physical health.

Studies have shown that heart patients who attend stress management initiatives
have 42 percent lower health care costs. Other research studies have documented
a 50 percent reduction in medical services use when stress management initiatives
are employed. Further, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) experts estimate that
20 percent of any workforce is affected by individual problems that can influence
work performance.

Stress reduction tactics to consider:

  • Offer worksite yoga or meditation classes.
  • Organize support groups among employees.
  • Sponsor stress management classes during the workday.
  • Offer an employee assistance program that includes both counseling and referral.
  • Offer worksite counseling for employees in the case of a work-related trauma,
    such as the death of a co-worker.
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