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Employee Wellness Programs

//Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs: A Long-Term Committment

“Employee Wellness Programs” – what does that phrase mean to you?
To many of us, it evokes an array of ambivalent thoughts — the health
club membership we barely used, the nagging ankle injury from last year’s
business picnic, the backaches, the bratwurst we had for lunch, the love handles
and of course, the fad diets that failed us or that we failed. Usually, Employee
Wellness Programs is a guilt trigger that causes us to feel remorse about our
bodies and the health management we know we should be doing for them.

Unfortunately we live in a society where our survival is dependent on sitting
at a desk, not hunting game, picking berries and sprinting away from wolves.
We also live in such luxury, nutritionally, that we can gain weight steadily
without being wealthy. Cardiovascular disease, obesity and bad nutrition cause
most of the heath issues that weigh down staff member attendance and erode a
company’s productivity.

Ironically the poorest societies in the world – the ones furthest from the
conveniences of modern life – often have the healthier, most physically hardy
members. And as for the animal kingdom — don’t look there for commiseration.
In the wild, it is extremely rare to find an animal that suffers from our kind
of wellness issues.

Prescription Medication dependency degrades Health and Wellness

It doesn’t help that Americans are descending into a deadly love affair
with drugs — and drug testing won’t help you with these drugs.

For example, Greg Critser’s book Generation RX details how Americans
spend about $180 billion dollars on Prescription Medications each year, with
the estimated 2011 tally at a whopping $414 billion. The average number of Prescription
Medications per United State citizens in 2004 stood at twelve.

Twelve! That means that your average staff member is taking 14, 18, or even
more than 20 medications in an attempt to improve their Health and Wellness.

Is this effective, though? Critser is not convinced that the prescription drugs
help United States health. In fact, he points out a bevy of negative consequences
for America’s legal drug addition, which include drug interactions, liver
damage, and the legions of people who now depend on prescription drugs to deal
with ordinary trials and stresses.

An corporation has the potential to improve Health

It’s not all bad news, though. Occupational Health Screening and Biometric
Testings and well-designed Employee Wellness Programs can help you fight the
downward spiral for you and your employees. In fact, good Employee Wellness
Programs – like a strong walking Employee Wellness Programs initiative – can
literally save lives and reduce the symptoms that cause workers to turn to prescription
drugs in the first place.

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