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Employee Wellness Plan ROI

//Employee Wellness Plan ROI

Employee Wellness Plan ROI

Employee Wellness Plan ROI: Fact or Fiction?

Employee Wellness Programs … do they offer a strong return on investment?
This is a question that we are sure goes through ever company’s mind. HR Magazine
addresses the Employee Wellness Plan ROI topic in their June 2008 issue.

Employee Wellness Plan ROI: The Bottom Line

According to the article, titled “Finding Wellness’ Return on Investment,”
determining Employee Wellness Plan ROI is not an easy thing to do for businesses
because it involves a lot of different variables and time.

However, the organizations that have taken the time to determine the Employee
Wellness Plan ROI of their Employee Wellness Programs have found that it is
quite significant. Not to mention, the Wellness program’s effect on the
improvement of staff member health and the slowing of the rate of their staff
member health care costs.

Employee Wellness Plan ROI Alliance

Employee Wellness Plan ROI is such an important part of today’s business
culture, that several large organizations have come together to form the Alliance
for Wellness ROI, Inc. According to the HR Magazine article, The Alliance for
Wellness ROI was specifically created to address the lack of consistency in
proving the value of Employee Wellness Programs.

The alliance, formed by BMW of North America, Henry Ford Health System, Kraft
Foods Global, Schlumberger Limited and MasterCare Worldwide, strongly believes
in showing the value of Employee Wellness Programs and want to develop a standard
for how Employee Wellness Programs are measured.

Employee Wellness Programs Components

According the alliance, the following components should make up an business-provided
staff member Employee Wellness Program:

  • Employee assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Disease Management Program
  • Fitness and exercise Programs
  • Health risk assessments
  • On-Site health care Programs
  • Personal wellness profiles
  • Preventive Health Screening and Biometric Testings and immunizations
  • Smoking-cessation Programs
  • Phone based Employee Wellness Programs
  • Weight Management and Weight Loss Programs
  • Self-Care Programs.
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