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Employee Wellness Plan Return On Investment

//Employee Wellness Plan Return On Investment

Employee Wellness Plan Return On Investment

For well over a decade, research has been showing the effectiveness of Employee
Wellness Programs. For every dollar spent on Employee Wellness Programs, the
returns have been cost savings of between $2.30 and $10.10 in the areas of decreased
rates of absence, fewer sick days, decreased WSIB/WCB claims, lowered health
and insurance costs, and improvements to staff member performance and productivity.

Statistics do show that Employee Wellness Programs increase staff member morale,
improve the ability to attract and retain key employees, all while having more
alert and productive employees. Some Employee Wellness Plan ROI statistics of

  • Canada Life Insurance reported a return of $3.43 on Employee Wellness Program,
    and an overall Employee Wellness Plan ROI of $6.85 on each business dollar
    invested on decreased turnover (32.4% lower), productivity gains and decreased
    medical claims,
  • DuPont’s Employee Wellness Plan pilot sites saw a saving of 11,726 disability
    days and a return of U.S. $2.05 for every dollar invested by the end of the
    second year,
  • The Canadian government’s Employee Wellness Plan ROI was $1.95-$3.75 per
    staff member per dollar spent (as reported by Dr. Roy Shephard),
  • Municipal employees in Toronto, missed 3.35 fewer days in the first six
    months of their Employee Wellness Plan than employees not enrolled in the
  • British Columbia Hydro employees enrolled in a Employee Wellness Plan had
    a turnover rate of just 3.5% compared with a Corporation average of 10.3 percent,
  • Johnson & Johnson estimated an average saving of U.S. $224.66 per staff
    member per year for the four years examined after the program introduction,
    with the bulk of the savings being in the third and fourth years,
  • Pacific Be ll reported that overall rates of absence decreased after starting
    a Employee Wellness Program,
  • Coca Cola report saving $500 every year per staff member after starting
    a Employee Wellness Program, with only 60% of their employees taking part,
  • Coors Brewing Co. reported that for each dollar spent on their Employee
    Wellness Plan they saw a $5.50 return, and the employees who participated
    decreased their absentee rate by 18 percent, and
  • Prudential Insurance Company reported that the benefits costs for employees
    taking part in their program were $312, as opposed to $574 for non-members
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