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Employee Wellness Plan Proposals

//Employee Wellness Plan Proposals

Employee Wellness Plan Proposals

What is a Employee Wellness Plan Proposal?

You probably have seen the term many times and wondered what exactly does it
mean. A Employee Wellness Plan Proposal is a proposal put together by a wellness
consultant that makes suggestions for what type of Employee Wellness Programs
you should choose, what tools you will need to accomplish your corporation’s
wellness goals, and costs associated with it.

Employee Wellness Plan Proposals Assist Human Resource Departments

A Employee Wellness Plan Proposal is a great thing to have in hand when HR
Departments go to upper management to request funding for a Employee Wellness
Program. It will offer necessary stats and trends, background information, and
costs that will enable the HR Department to fully present their case. Upper
management will appreciate the preparedness and the research that has gone into
your wellness request.

Employee Wellness Plan Proposals Lead to Better Employee Wellness Programs

A well thought out Employee Wellness Plan Proposal can lead to a better Employee
Wellness Program, because the building blocks will already be in place. Employee
Wellness Plan Proposals will guarantee that your corporation gets the proper
Employee Wellness Plan established. Employee Wellness Programs can vary greatly,
but when your workers ask, you can tell them that they generally include the

  • Walking programs which offers workers with rewards to take their walking
    breaks at their workplace.
  • Company teams, workplace yoga classes and massage therapists at the workplace.
  • Nutrition advice, weight-loss and healthy cooking classes, stress management
    sessions, and either a Employee Wellness Plan resources column in the staff
    member newsletter or a wellness newsletter.
  • Stairwell initiatives to show how stair-walking can improve health.
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