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Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Occupational Wellness Programs

//Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Occupational Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Occupational Wellness Programs

  • clearly communicated vision and mission
  • clear and accurate job descriptions
  • supportive appraisal system
  • staff member empowerment through decision-making, pace of work and connection to business goals, (on-line tools that connect to goals such as Baxter Healthcare)
  • two-way communication training
  • ‘no lunch hour’ meeting rules unless it is a lunch ‘n’ learn
  • rates of absence and attendance program
  • career tracking, (on-line tools like Pfizer)
  • continuing education
  • job rotation, special project assignments
  • time management
  • innovative ideas program
  • change and complaint process
  • email guidelines
  • technology courses and assistance
  • vacation useage
  • shift work rotations and breaks
  • conflict management skills
  • handling negative attitudes workshops

Occupational Wellness Programs: Management Training

  • scheduling
  • incentive and recognition Programs
  • workload impact
  • communication and feedback skills
  • conflict management skills and support skills
  • priority setting

Occupational Wellness Programs: Remuneration and Benefits

  • massage – try an onsite massage therapist or seated massage breaks
  • orthotics
  • orthodontics
  • gym membership subsidies
  • education subsidies
  • tobacco cessation and weight control partial reimbursement incentives
  • safety shoe reimbursement
  • out-of-country coverage
  • vision care
  • alternative therapy coverage

Occupational Wellness Programs: Support Building

  • exercise breaks and stretches
  • team challenges
  • business sport teams such as soccer, volleyball, and hockey
  • use employees who are in-house experts e.g., gardening, yoga, construction
  • celebrate birthdays, anniversaries – other significant dates and achievements
  • 5 minute catch-up at beginning of work week
  • pot lucks and food for meetings
  • green room for time outs and regrouping self
  • encouraging face to face communications
  • learn names
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