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Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Mental Wellness

//Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Mental Wellness

Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Mental Wellness

  • childcare Programs and information
  • family planning information
  • parenting classes
  • Elder care Programs and information
  • retirement planning
  • individual responsibility leave
  • alternative work arrangements such as telecommuting, job sharing
  • work-family-life transition support
  • anger management and family violen
  • family counselling initiatives
  • budgeting and financial counselling
  • understanding credit reports
  • money safety tips – ATMS, credit cards
  • advertising and promotion of community support groups
  • cafeteria take-out program
  • tax preparation initiatives
  • will, power of attorney, and estate experts
  • vacation planning and safe travel
  • interpersonal relationship speakers
  • motivational speakers
  • bereavement informationshift work and lifestyle Programs
  • limit overtime
  • family wellness days – bike rodeos, BBQ, picnics
  • swimming pool safety
  • charity information – United Way, MADD
  • other information sessions on:
  • chemical free lawn and garden care,
  • menopause,
  • infertility,
  • poisoning,
  • fire safety initiatives
  • seat belts and booster seats,
  • playground safety,
  • internet safety,
  • home safety and energy efficiency
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