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Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Healthy Living Programs

//Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Healthy Living Programs

Employee Wellness Plan Ideas: Healthy Living Programs

  • Offer Stress Management Programs and mental health Programs
  • Offer substance use and abuse Programs
  • Offer smoking cessation and control
  • Offer nutrition counselling
  • Offer weight control Programs and counselling
  • Offer promote use of food logs
  • Offer posting BMI charts
  • Offer juice dispensing machines
  • Offer water coolers
  • Offer snack machines with low-calorie snack choices
  • Offer snack machines with fruit, vegetable and calcium choices
  • Posting nutritional information on snack machines
  • Offer color-coded cafeteria choices
  • Encourage breakfast – suggest choices to start the day
  • healthy packed lunch ideas for adults and kids
  • partnering with local restaurants for healthy lunch choices
  • healthy recipes on-line
  • healthy or low-cost cooking Programs
  • healthy shopping instruction
  • naturopaths, homeopaths, herbal remedies and vitamins
  • Offer information sessions on fad diets
  • Offer disease prevention information
  • STD’s
  • active living and fitness Programs such as a aerobics, walking or cycling
  • Offer self-defense training
  • Offer relaxation training
  • chiropractors
  • relaxation and energy specialists
  • Offer stretching classes such as yoga, tai chi
  • Offer active living challenges
  • walking challenges with pedometers
  • stair climbing challenge
  • sleep and sleep disorders e.g. snoring
  • napping information and sleep rooms
  • alertness and driving sessions
  • encouraging light breaks
  • create a wellness Yellow Pages
  • information sessions on
    • insect bites,
    • memory enhancement,
    • motion sickness,
    • nose bleeds,
    • healthy skin,
    • frost bite,
    • gingivitis and mouth care,
    • hair loss,
    • ear infections,
    • fever,
    • psoriasis,
    • TMJ,
    • varicose veins,
    • shingles,
    • defensive driving,
    • sun safety,
    • avoiding home and vehicle theft,
    • food safety
    • hand-washing

**Healthy Living Programs should assist in the development of self-efficacy which means that the individual has a senses that they can influence the course of events in their normal daily life, that they can deal with their normal consequences, that they feel confident and sure of themselves.

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