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Employee Wellness Plan Follow Up

//Employee Wellness Plan Follow Up

Employee Wellness Plan Follow Up

Why Employee Wellness Plan follow up?

Getting feedback from Employee Wellness Plan members serves two purposes: to
obtain data that quantifies a Wellness Program’s impact, and to find ways
to improve a Employee Wellness Program.

Building follow up into your Employee Wellness Plan

Keep it simple

  • Keep follow up to information you absolutely require. A three-question survey
    is more likely to get a response than one with 20 questions.
  • Use email or phone for follow-up. Use personal and business email addresses;
    use cell phone and unit phone numbers.
  • Go to the Employees: go to the unit or somewhere else they will all be gathered,
    and get follow up information there.
  • Give members a stamped envelope addressed to you, with a printed form listing
    the information you will need.

Keep it structured

  • Tell members right from the beginning that you will be doing follow up
    after the Employee Wellness Plan is finished. Be specific about the information
    you will collect.
  • If you need to do hands-on measurements, find out if members will be coming
    back to your location for another reason (like another clinic appointment).
    Ask them to stop by while they are in the building – or, better yet,
    go to where they will be.
  • Ask members where they will be the next time you will be collecting data.
    They may already know their next duty station if they will be PCSing soon.
  • Plan ahead for follow up and put it on the schedule. Planning to do follow
    up “when you have time” usually means follow up will never get

Keep it catchy

  • Give members something to go along with the request for information. By
    way of example, if you send an email to ask for information, send along a
    yummy recipe or a timely excercise tip.
  • Schedule a ‘reunion’ day to collect follow up information.
    Invite members to come back and share successes and challenges. Have some
    (healthy) munchies available.
  • Have a silly contest – the team with the most follow up data wins
    something, like having their photos posted on a prominently-placed bulletin
    board or an eggplant trophy, or some other fun thing.
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