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Employee Wellness Plan Evaluation Basics

//Employee Wellness Plan Evaluation Basics

Employee Wellness Plan Evaluation Basics

Employee Wellness Plan evaluation is critical for effective Wellness and will
help you get Senior Management support.

Why evaluate your Employee Wellness Program?

Employee Wellness Plan evaluation answers these questions:

  • What change(s) occurred in the target population?
  • ‘What’s in it’ for Senior Management?
  • Are the resources that are being used worth the outcomes that are achieved?
  • Were Employee Wellness Plan outcomes expected? (Unexpected outcomes may
    have occurred.)
  • What Employee Wellness Plan areas need improvement?

Employee Wellness Plan Fact of Life:

  • Employee Wellness Plan evaluation left to “chance” or until
    “there is time” will never happen.
  • Employee Wellness Plan evaluation should be considered as an essential part
    of the whole plan for Wellness and not as something extra.

Where do you start?

Keep it simple. Employee Wellness Plan evaluation does not have to be complicated.

Get baseline data.

  • Baseline data is the health status of the target population at the beginning
    of the Employee Wellness Program.
  • Start by collecting just 3 or 4 key items as the baseline. You will have
    better success collecting follow-up information later if you only need to
    get a few pieces of data.
  • Don’t rely only on health indicators that require lab evaluation.
    Also use self-report information and health indicators that are measurable
    without lab tests.

Collect data that relates to readiness.

  • You should always be ready to communicate to leadership the ways that your
    Employee Wellness Plan impacts readiness. Plan ahead to collect data that
    will demonstrate this connection.
  • Think like Senior Management: what Employee Wellness Plan outcomes will
    be important from Senior Management point of view?

It’s never too late to incorporate Employee Wellness Plan evaluation
into Employee Wellness Programs.

  • If your Employee Wellness Plan is already up and running and you didn’t
    plan for data collection ahead of time, start collecting data NOW.
  • If you don’t have baseline data, then collect interim data and compare
    that to end-of-program data.

    Or, you can compare final Employee Wellness Plan outcomes to similar initiatives

  • If you can’t make any comparisons to other data, use resources like
    The Community Guide ( ) that have already
    evaluated the effectiveness of Employee Wellness Plan components. Compare
    the components of your Employee Wellness Plan to those that have been proven
    effective elsewhere.
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