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Employee Wellness Plan Data

//Employee Wellness Plan Data

Employee Wellness Plan Data

What is Employee Wellness Plan data?

Employee Wellness Plan data is information that is collected about your Employee
Wellness Program. All Employee Wellness Programs should include data as an integral
part of the Employee Wellness Plan plan.

Why should you care about Employee Wellness Plan data?

Data tells the Wellness story. Data is the tangible evidence of a Wellness
Program’s impact.

Building data into Employee Wellness Programs

Why bother with Employee Wellness Plan Data?

You need Employee Wellness Plan data to:

  • Evaluate whether or not your Employee Wellness Plan is working.
  • Answer the ‘so what?’ about the need for a Employee Wellness
  • Offer information to Senior Management about the impact of the Employee
    Wellness Program.
  • Write a budget justification so you can secure Employee Wellness Plan resources.
  • Use Employee Wellness Plan resources efficiently and market your Employee
    Wellness Plan more effectively.

Where to start collecting Employee Wellness Plan data:

  • MAKE A PLAN to collect the data: decide what, when, and how data will be
  • Find out what data is ALREADY BEING COLLECTED.
  • By way of example: use dairy sales data in the dining facility to measure
    the impact of a milk marketing/dairy month campaign.
  • Start collecting JUST A FEW small pieces of information. Be innovative!
  • By way of example: BMI, APFT scores (before & after), tobacco quit rates
  • IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO START collecting Employee Wellness Plan data.

Innovative Employee Wellness Plan data strategies

  • Use local college/graduate students to help collect, input, and analyze
    Employee Wellness Plan data.
  • If your corporation has an internship program, get to know the Internship
    Director. Make use of intern resources – including having the Director
    and/or interns start the data collection plan for your Employee Wellness Program.
  • Use data to let upper management know about the Employee Wellness Programs
    affect on the employees.

Present this information at their monthly/quarterly meetings.

  • Use innovative follow-up strategies to get data. Phone calls can be effective,
    but also consider email, mailed surveys with return postage provided, and
    going to the units in person to collect the information.
  • Make data collection ‘fun’ for Employee Wellness Plan members.
  • By way of example: use a team approach – the team with the ‘best’
    overall results gets some sort of award or recognition.
  • ALWAYS relate the impact of your Employee Wellness Plan to readiness.
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