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Employee Wellness Plan Data Organization

//Employee Wellness Plan Data Organization

Employee Wellness Plan Data Organization

Keeping Employee Wellness Plan data organized is essential in order to be able to determine Employee Wellness Plan impact and participant progress. Use the simple steps below to keep your data organized.

Manage Employee Wellness Plan data electronically.

  • Storing Employee Wellness Plan outcomes data electronically is the best
    way to manage that information.
  • An electronic system will enable you to review and analyze the data more
  • Scan old surveys and other Employee Wellness Plan information that exist
    only on paper into .pdf format for permanent storage.

Find the Employee Wellness Plan system that works best for you.

  • Some employees are more comfortable with spreadsheet applications; others
    rather work with database applications.
  • You will be more likely to use a Employee Wellness Plan that you are familiar
    and/or comfortable with.
  • Standardize data collection and organization. Keep data columns/fields in
    the same order for all Employee Wellness Programs.

Keep the Employee Wellness Plan as simple as possible.

  • You do not have to be a Wellness Programming wizard or use complicated data
    entry interfaces in order to manage Employee Wellness Plan outcomes data.
  • A simple spreadsheet is an excellent way to keep your data organized.

Store all Employee Wellness Plan data numerically.

  • Using numbers (instead of words) will make the data much easier to enter
    and analyze. By way of example: use “1” for yes; “0”
    for no OR “1” for male; “2” for female.
  • Number survey responses that contain strings of words. By way of example:
    instead of entering the responses: “patient education videos”,
    “news,” or “no TV,” number the responses so you only
    have to enter “1,” “2,” or “3.”

Label all Employee Wellness Plan data clearly.

  • Ensure that all the data columns, rows, or fields are labeled. The data
    is worthless if you don’t know what data is in which column.
  • The spreadsheet/database should include an explanation for column, row,
    field, and data abbreviations and a key for numbered responses.

Use consistent Employee Wellness Plan data units.

  • Ensure that all data entered into a given column is expressed with the same
    unit of measure. By way of example, enter all heights as total inches, not
    as a combination of feet and inches.
  • Putting your data in order by using a simple system that works for you will
    enable you to track participant accomplishments.
  • Keeping your data organized also makes it easier to communicate Employee
    Wellness Plan impact to leadership and make Employee Wellness Plan improvements
    as needed.
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