Employee Wellness Plan Data Collection and Analysis Resources

//Employee Wellness Plan Data Collection and Analysis Resources

Employee Wellness Plan Data Collection and Analysis Resources

Employee Wellness Plan data collection and analysis is often avoided because of a perceived lack of resources for this very important Employee Wellness Plan component. Use the suggestions below to take advantage of a variety of resources available at your company or in the local community.

Medical Interns and Residents

  • If your Onsite Healthcare Center has an internship Employee Wellness Program,
    get to know the Internship Director.
  • Make use of these resources – including having the Director and/or
    interns/residents start the outcome data collection plan for your Employee
    Wellness Program.

Local college and graduate students

  • Where appropriate volunteer agreements are in place, use local college/graduate
    students to help collect, input, and analyze Employee Wellness Plan data.
  • Make use of the fact that these students are often looking for projects.
  • If there are no “health-related” students/interns in your area,
    consider using corporation students. Let them calculate a cost avoidance or
    ROI for your Employee Wellness Program.

Other Medical Personnel

  • Partner with other Medical Personnel. Find out who is collecting data, what
    data they are collecting, and how they are collecting it.
  • If they are using a survey and the survey administration process is already
    in place, ask if you can add a question or two.
  • Be aware of other research going on at your facility. They may already
    be collecting data you need OR may have analysis resources that can be shared.
  • Ensure that other departments in the Medical center know you can always
    use some extra help if they have personnel with any down time. Use these resources
    for data entry or other administrative tasks.
  • Make use of the volunteers to help collect and input data.

Past Employee Wellness Plan members

  • Past Employee Wellness Plan members are also a good resource.
  • They may be willing to lead a class session, provide encouragement to current
    Employee Wellness Plan members, or help collect data.

You can improve data collection and analysis by taking advantage of local resources.
Using these resources expands the reach and impact of your Employee Wellness

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