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Effective Employee Wellness Plan communication

//Effective Employee Wellness Plan communication

Effective Employee Wellness Plan communication

Employee Wellness Plan communication is important to all aspects of Wellness and preventive medicine and is relevant to:

  • Healthcare provider-patient relationships
  • An individual’s exposure to, search for, and use of Employee Wellness
    Plan information
  • Effective counseling and patient education for behavior change
  • Content of public health messages and community campaigns

Effective health communication should have these attributes:

  • Accuracy: content is valid and error-free
  • Availability: delivered or placed where the intended audience can access
    the information
  • Balance: content presents benefits and risks of potential actions
  • Consistency: content is locally consistent over time and is also consistent
    with information from other reliable sources
  • Evidence-based: content and methods of delivery are based on relevant scientific
  • Reach: content gets to or is available to as many employees as possible
    in the target population
  • Reliability: content source is credible; content is kept up-to-date
  • Repetition: delivery of/access to the content is continued over time, to
    reinforce the impact with the audience and to reach new members of the target
  • Timeliness: content is provided when the audience is most receptive to,
    or in need of, the specific information
  • Understandability: reading, language levels, and format are appropriate
    for the specific audience (i.e., Employees, Family Members, Garrison leadership,

What the research says about health communication

  • Health communication best supports Wellness when multiple communication
    methods are used to reach specific audiences.
  • Effective Wellness and communication initiatives should reflect an audiencecentered
    perspective, and reflect the preferred formats, contexts, and method of communication
    for the intended audience.

Material adapted from: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy
People 2010. 2nd ed. With Understanding and Improving Health and Objectives
for Improving Health. 2 vols. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office,
November 2000.

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