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Creating a Employee Wellness Plan

//Creating a Employee Wellness Plan

Creating a Employee Wellness Plan

Employee Wellness Programs start and end with individual health. Individuals,
after all, are able to make decisions about maintaining and / or improving their
health and wellbeing. Employee Employee Wellness Programs must therefore provide
the tools and resources necessary to assist and motivate individuals to actively
participate in the program.

Individual health is only one component of starting staff member Employee Wellness
Programs. Below you’ll find some things to assist you in your efforts to develop
a healthy atmosphere for you and your coworkers.

Encouraging Your Employer to Start an Employee Wellness Plan

This is the first step in starting a Employee Wellness Program. In recent times
more and more businesses are starting to see the value of promoting and supporting
the health of their staff members. Partnership for Prevention, a nonprofit organization,
has released a sourcebook called "Healthy Workforce 2010" (
This sourcebook is an excellent resource containing information on:
• Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs
• Suggestions on where to start
• Tools like surveys and evaluation forms

These resources are for both businesses and staff members to guide the development
and determine the effectiveness of their new Employee Wellness Program. Make
available it to your employer as a place to start or read it yourself and present
your ideas.

Taking Part in Employee Wellness Programs

Once you have an staff member Employee Wellness Plan established, taking part
fully in all aspects of the program is important. Many of us know that we need
to more actively engage in Employee Wellness Programs to improve our health,
yet have difficulty finding and taking the time to do so. These simple steps
can jumpstart your participation in an staff member Employee Wellness Program:

  • Review the offerings that interest you and that you need for health improvement.
  • Schedule time to go to the presentation or service.
  • Actively following through with recommendations from the program.
  • Make a decision now to improve your health. You will feel better today and
    tomorrow and the next day for actively moving towards wellness.

Here is a list of potential Employee Wellness Programs that might be available
to you at work:

  • ergonomic evaluations and training classes
  • lactation rooms and classes
  • prenatal education program
  • quiet rooms for relaxation
  • stress management programs
  • fitness facilities
  • onsite corporate massage
  • healthy eating education
  • workplace primary health care services
  • child care facility or resources and referral service
  • smoking cessation programs parenting classes
  • Elder care resources and referral service
  • cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose screening programs
  • flu vaccination
  • weight management programs
  • health care consumerism programs
  • work/life programs
  • lifestyle coaching
  • onsite mammography

More information to follow in my next posting about Employee Employee Wellness

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