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Corporate fitness programs are common in other parts of the world. For example in Japan, there is often a required exercise period of time (typically right before work) for employees. It won’t be very long before the United States does something like this, even though the program may be different. With the passing of the healthcare reform bill, people will see a lot of changes in American healthcare. Most companies are already taking a much more active role in their workers health and wellness than just investing in their health coverage. Most have launched their own corporate fitness programs.

[image url=”” title=”Corporate Fitness Programs” alt=”Corporate Fitness Programs” raw=”true” alignment=”left” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”20″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ border=”smallBorder” width=”338″ height=”276″]Corporations starting fitness and wellness programs are extremely mindful of the advantages of having a healthy workforce. If workers are healthy, you will find fewer instances of absenteeism and also a lot fewer claims on their medical health insurance. More than this, employee fitness programs will enhance worker morale, boost productivity, and maximize performance.

For corporate fitness programs to succeed, it is vital for organization management to provide the example. Company owners in addition to supervisors have to be observed actively engaging in these programs. Practicing what they preach makes it much simpler for the organization leaders to motivate staff to take part in the programs and also embrace a more healthy life style.

The scope of corporate fitness and wellness programs differ for each organization. A number of businesses provide on-site gym facilities, and others provide free gym memberships. There are organizations that organize bootcamps, and there are those that purchase full health and wellness programs from corporate fitness providers. Many companies include wellness tips in their communication with staff members whether by newsletters, posters at the workplace or by means of the organization intranet.

Ideally, a businesses fitness and wellness program need to be integrated and multi-faceted. It should concentrate not only on employees physical wellbeing, but also on their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. All efforts need to be centered on building an environment which inspires people to be healthy, happy, and productive.

Any corporate fitness and wellness program’s goal is always to enable staff members to manage better any anxiety they may have. Corporate fitness programs must be customized to each worker’s particular needs. It might also be necessary to hire an in-house wellness coach who will help workers establish their own personal objectives and goals, monitor their successes, and guide them on healthy living.

Corporate Fitness Programs: Inspiring Participation

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Here are a few ways for you to inspire your staff members to get involved in corporate fitness programs:
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[li]Really encourage your workers to see their doctors for a physical checkup to include tests of their blood glucose levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other indicators.[/li]
[li]Share information about different medical conditions like hypertension, all forms of diabetes, and also arthritis. Target other health related concerns like morbid obesity, smoking, alcohol dependency, and drug addiction.[/li]
[li]Promote good nutrition in the workplace. Think about the kinds of food dispensed by snack machines at the workplace. Provide workers access to healthy recipes, meal planners, and other information on good nutrition.[/li]
[li]Acknowledge staff successes in organization newsletters and other internal publications.[/li]
[li]Create wellness incentive programs for staff members taking part in your employee fitness and wellness program. Staff members can earn points by taking part in fitness activities and achieving their health objectives. Accrued points could be traded for prizes that also encourage healthy lifestyle.[/li]
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Examples of wellness incentives you can use are additional vacation leave credits, flexible work time options, reduced rates on medical insurance, private training session with a personal trainer, memberships to gyms, free massage, gift certificates to health food stores or healthy restaurants, exercise clothes and equipment, and other small things like T-shirts, water bottles, wrist bands, etc.

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