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Build flexibility into your Employee Wellness Program.

//Build flexibility into your Employee Wellness Program.

Build flexibility into your Employee Wellness Program.

Think ahead: what unexpected challenges might come up as you start your Employee
Wellness Program? How could you adapt and change the Employee Wellness Plan
to meet those challenges?

Consider the “what if’s?”

  • What if your classroom space is suddenly no longer available?
  • What if you can’t hold the Health Fair in the usual place?
  • Have a ‘Plan B’ (or even Plan C or Plan D) in mind for when
    the “what if’s” happen.

Build a team that can help with the Employee Wellness Plan

  • Who else could teach the health education class if the regular instructor
    cancels at the last minute?
  • Know what areas of expertise your staff has besides their ‘main’
    job. By way of example, find out who has excercise instructor credentials
    besides just the physical therapist.
  • Don’t wait for a crisis before you build a network of employees that
    you can call on.

Be ready to roll your sleeves up

  • Jump in to fill a gap if you need to.
  • YOU may have to help restock the milk case in the dining facility when the
    Dairy Month ‘Milk Mustache’ contest results in increased sales
    during lunch.

Be willing (and ready) to respond to feedback about the Employee Wellness

  • Get participant feedback while the Employee Wellness Plan is ongoing. Then
    be ready to adapt to those suggestions.
  • By way of example, if kids in a pediatric obesity Employee Wellness Plan
    fight the idea of completing physical excercise logs, then get a verbal summary
    of their activity for the week instead.

Simplify Employee Wellness Plan

  • If part of your Employee Wellness Plan is not working, try making that part
    less complicated.
  • By way of example, if getting follow-up information is not going the way
    you planned, then make the process to get information easier OR decrease the
    number of pieces of information that you collect.

Use lemons to make lemonade

  • What do you do when the Employee Wellness Plan doesn’t turn out exactly
    as you planned? Look for what did turn out. Often, the ‘unexpected outcomes’
    produce positive results.
  • By way of example, one company’s database to collect sick call data was
    made obsolete by a regional system. However, the company database was able
    to be used in a different way to track vaccination information that improved
    delivery of care to Employees.
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