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Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

//Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Employee Wellness Programs are Are Becoming Increasingly popular outside the
workplace, showing the ever-increasing importance of disease prevention and
health risk management. Private insurance businesses, as well as state Medicaid
and Medicare offices are working on ways to improve the health of the people
they insure in hopes to save money in the long run. They are finding that mini-Worksite
Employee Wellness Programs are definitely the way to go.

Employee Wellness Programs Help with Early Intervention

According to an article that appeared in The Indianapolis Star, organizations,
insurers and government agencies are turning to “early intervention to
change the behavior of those struggling with common but dangerous health conditions,
such as asthma, diabetes, heart failure and coronary heart disease.”

The strategies that they used to improve their beneficiaries’ wellness
postcard reminders for different lab tests or check-ups; and possibly even phone
calls from nurses to work with the patients to make sure that they are taking
their medicines properly and following the lifestyle changes that were suggested
by their health care provider.

Employee Wellness Programs Provide Quality Benefits

There are more benefits to a Employee Wellness Plan than just the savings that
an corporation or a state agency will see; there is the benefit to the actually
patient. The patient is going to get the motivation and the reward to get better
or to manage their health risks by having to answer to someone, whether that
someone is a full-time wellness staff member at their business or a nurse affiliated
with their insurance business.

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